Hey all, we will be over at Radio Lollipop on the 20th talking, music, Hard Rock Rising, and much more!

Radio Lollipop is a really cool charity based radio station that provides a child friendly radio station for Hospitals up and down the country, the work they do for these kids is outstanding bring music, smiles, and support to sick children everywhere. Here is what they say about themselves;

Radio Lollipop believes in the healing power of play – providing smiles and laughter to children at a time when they need it most.

One in four children are admitted to a hospital before reaching age 14.

Though some patients are short-stay, many have a recurring need for care and return repeatedly to hospital. Some who are terminally ill spend much of their short lives in hospital.

Radio Lollipop gives young patients a voice and a choice during their stay. While they can´t say “no” to taking their medicine or receiving treatment, they can request their favourite songs, win prizes and hear their own voices on the radio. Those activities give youngsters a haven of normality in the hospital day which in other respects is strange, different and often scary.

So please support this amazing radio station, and the work they do for next generation of bright minds, and scientists that will be make living on the moon a everyday reality.

READ MORE: http://radiolollipop.org

DONATATE TO RADIO LOLLIPOP: http://radiolollipop.org/?page_id=201

– 100 Fables