Radio Lollipop

Hey all, we will be over at Radio Lollipop on the 20th talking, music, Hard Rock Rising, and much more!

Radio Lollipop is a really cool charity based radio station that provides a child friendly radio station for Hospitals up and down the country, the work they do for these kids is outstanding bring music, smiles, and support to sick children everywhere. Here is what they say about themselves;

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So it’s not been an easy few days, and it was no easy competition! We want to say a massive thank you to everyone that voted for us in the initial heats, then again for everyone that came to each show, for clapping, stamping, cheering, (the fans of other bands for booing) and most importantly for singing along with us!

It was electrifying, a nervous energy echoed through our bones tonight, with tensions thick enough you could almost touch it, we went on first with an aim to set the bar as far past the moon as we could reach.

Once again thank you so much, to everyone involved, from ReverbNation, Hard Rock Cafe, the judges, and you the fans for your voice-destroying, screaming supporting! It may have caused some hearing damage to us in the short term, but it was totally worth it!

EDIT: you can watch (most of) the set here!

– 100 Fables